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Home Tech This 16-year-old’s app MemeStream is a meme platform

This 16-year-old’s app MemeStream is a meme platform



In this excerpt from our #TalkingTech Live podcast Sophia Latessa, 16, talks about her new app, MemeStream, for adding funny captions to photos.

LOS ANGELES — Sophia Latessa first caught our attention when her mom sent us a press release, touting the 16-year-old high schooler who “manages a team of six” and “fits in her conference calls and team meetings before school and during lunch.”

Who wouldn’t want to interview Sophia Latessa?

We invited her to join the panel of our weekly #TalkingTech Live podcast and live stream, for a conversation about “What’s next in Apps, post Snapchat.” But really, all anyone in the audience and panel wanted to hear about was Latessa—how did she manage homework and launching an app at the same time?

Her new app, MemeStream, which just launched in the Apple iOS store, is like the New Yorker magazine’s caption contest. You see or submit a picture, and add the caption. From there, you can share the meme to the social platform of your choice.

“Looking at user behaviors and trends…I noticed people were creating huge pages of meme accounts,” she said. “People were actually using the Instagram comment section to re-caption the photos. There is no platform where all this great, funny content is put in one place.”

Watch the clip above, or listen to the podcast below, to hear Latessa talk about balancing school and app making, and how she convinced her parents to help finance MemeStream.

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