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Should kids see the R-rated Wolverine movie ‘Logan’?



Hugh Jackman talks about his final X-Men film ‘Logan’ and his legacy playing Wolverine.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains plot details. 

Yes, Logan is an comic-book movie, but it’s no shiny, whiz-bang action film. Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine outing rightfully (and thankfully, in our opinion) earns the first R-rating of the franchise. (It’s not the first R-rated X-Men movie, however. That would be Deadpool.)

So should you keep your children from seeing it?

The short answer: Yes. It’s a movie for adults and MPAA isn’t misleading you. The long answer: Take your teen if you’re comfortable with the following:

Stop reading now if you want to know absolutely nothing about the movie before seeing it.

The opening is shocking

The movie’s tone is set early on: Wolverine says the F-word, stabs someone in the face and slices off another man’s arm, all in the first scene.

The killings look incredibly realistic

What makes the movie so deserving of the restricted rating isn’t the profanity and high body count — which exist in PG-13 films. It’s the violence by way of Logan’s and young new mutant Laura’s claw-like blades. You’ll see spewing blood, chunks of flesh and a decapitated head with a dangling jaw. You’ll also see blades puncturing skulls in every angle imaginable.

It’s not only the bad guys who are brutally murdered

A kindhearted family of newcomers invite Logan, Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Laura (Dafne Keen) to stay at their farmhouse. The welcoming family doesn’t last the night: They face gruesome, visceral deaths.

There are adult themes throughout

We’re not talking about sex, though Logan does get flashed. There are mature storylines and themes of depression, death, aging and love. This is a movie that will make grown men cry, but might go over the heads of young boys.

There’s torture

Stephen Merchant’s albino mutant tracker Caliban is forced to burn in the sun. It’s not pretty.

Children are mistreated

Young mutant children are on the run in Logan. Specifically, Laura is being hunted. She gets plenty of scrapes, bruises and flesh wounds, and shrieks in pain before her Wolverine-esque healing powers make it better.

But ages 17 and up are good to go

Wolverine is an antihero with anger management problems who wields indestructible blades. For a movie to do that character justice, it needs to let him run wild and face the ramifications of his actions. Logan effectively makes a case for carnage, and doesn’t feel gratuitously graphic. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s too gory for kids. (Read Brian Truitt’s 3½-star review here.)


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